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Be Prepared for the
Next Power Outage

Many Causes of

Many storms and outdoor incidents can cause a power outage. From hurricanes and thunderstorms to ice and even vehicle collisions, many events can affect your electricity. 

A Power Outage Will Happen Eventually

It doesn’t matter whether you live on the coast or inland, in a rural area or the city. A power outage will happen eventually. The question is: What will you do when it does? There are steps you can take to not only be ready, but also comfortable.

Prepare Your Family for a Power Outage

Create a Family Plan for Power Outages

  • Determine what to do and where to go if a power outage occurs while you're at home, work, school, or outdoors.
  • Assign a designated place just outside your home and in your neighborhood to meet up with family if you become separated.
  • Have a designated friend or family member, who lives outside your area, to contact if separated.

Consider Power Outage Likelihood and Severity

  • A storm watch means severe weather is possible soon. A warning means a storm has been spotted.
  • Plan ahead for an extended outage— have coolers for food, prepare pipes, and gather batteries, pet food, and water. 

Inspect and Prepare Home and Property

  • Move small items such as lawn chairs that could be picked up by wind indoors.
  • Clear out downspouts, window wells, gutters, and stairwells to prevent flooding.
  • Reinforce windows and doors, and trim weak tree branches.

Obtain Backup Power

  • Flashlights and candles cannot power appliances or HVAC units, making them insufficient.
  • Permanently installed generators are better at providing backup power during an outage than portable generators.
  • Contact Generac's support team to help determine what product you need to best prepare you for an outage.

Download our Power Outage Preparedness Checklist 

Prepare for the Next Power Outage

Explore our generator products. Decide if you’re ready to take the next step towards having backup power readily available.